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    Voyage au coeur de votre tête

    Voyage au coeur de votre tête

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    Text related to a singular scenic device, Journey to the heart of your head decripts the relationship that is established between an author and his audience, exploring the possibility of getting physically on the side of the public. Inverting the relationship to the scene, this experience gives rise to an astonishing text that tells us a great deal about how we are going through the experience of our contemporaneity.

    • Ausgabeformat : Druckformat
    • Material : Buch
    • Sprache : Französisch
    • Format : 13 x 17 cm
    • Kategorie : Poesie
    • Sammlung : Quatuor
    • Datum der Veröffentlichung : 2019
    • Code EAN : 9782752102317
    • Seitenzahl : 48

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