Las, voulez-vous ! pour choeur de femmes

12 seiten, 21 x 29,7 cm

Frauenchor a cappella

9,48 €



This beautiful melody and text of a great violence that we could find in a baroque opera libretto crossed time giving free rein to a relatively well-developed music where the voices of women intertwine, allegory of crying: how do you want me singing if my heart is not free? "Weep my eyes! Regretting the time of love, where you kept my heart in a cage. My heart weep, weep my unhappy lot, I have lost everything by losing my friend! Cruel fate, take all what I have, and give me what you have robbed. "

Dauer : 00:04:30
Material : Partitur
Sprache : Französisch
Datum der Veröffentlichung : 2005
Stil : Zitgenössisch
Code EAN : 9790560176222
Schwierigkeitsgrad : (4/8) Mittel
Ausgabeformat : Druckformat

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