Les contes de la couleuvre - E-score PDF

42 seiten, 21 x 29,7 cm

Kinderchor und Klavier

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The three Tales of the grass-snake, for children's choir and piano, are set in the world of the stories collected by the brothers Grimm. These subtle compositions mix popular tunes, vocal games and a descriptive accompaniment. The young performers and their audience will enjoy this fairy tale, featuring magical beasts and wonderful treasures, and introduced by the promising words: " Once upon a time"...

Material : Partitur - E-score PDF
Sprache : Französisch
Datum der Veröffentlichung : 2011
Stil : Zitgenössisch
Code EAN : 9790232149677
Schwierigkeitsgrad : (3/8) Leicht
Ausgabeformat : E-score PDF
Kategorie : Musical
Dateigröße : 1,90 Mo
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