12 Intervallic Etudes for all saxophones

48 seiten, 21 x 29,7 cm

Collection Jazz & Beyond


22,00 €

These etudes presented a unique challenge to me as a composer. Each one is entirely based on one musical interval - that is, there is no single note that isn’t surrounded by the designated interval on at least one side. However, this is no book of patterns.

Each piece is a varied work with a unique melodic and rhythmic language which uses each interval as a springboard to invention rather than an end in itself. Composing pieces under such a severe limitation, although frustrating at times, stretched my imagination and brought about a wealth of new musical ideas and shifts intonalities. I hope that whoever plays these etudes finds their musicality, ears and technique stretched in a similar way and finds them a valuable addition to the saxophone library.

Although I am quite specific with dynamics and articulations throughout, I encourage players to alter these in any way which allows them to practice specific aspects of their technique.

Also, I hope that improvising musicians will take the time to analyze passages that they like and work them into other keys or parts of their instrument, much like they are accustomed to doing with typical jazz patterns.

Material : Partitur
Sprache : Französisch - Englisch
Datum der Veröffentlichung : 2013
Stil : Jazz
Code EAN : 9790232107714
Schwierigkeitsgrad : (5 bis 6/8) Mittel bis schwer

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