The Music of Silence or The Fumet dynasty

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I met Gabriel Fumet about ten years ago. I was immediately struck by his immense talent as a flutist, but even more so when he introduced me to the works of his ancestors, for which he has been fighting for so many years. It was love at first hearing on my part, really, a love which comforted my vocation as a publisher. In order to strenghten my action as an ambassador of this admirable music, I asked Gabriel Fumet to write this book, in the form of an interview, which I hope will contribute to a better perception of the importance of this music, "the first-born of silence, in the seclusion of love" (DV Fumet). It is indeed music born out of silence that we are dealing with, but most of all music currently surrounded by a disconcerting critical silence... May this book inspire the public with the desire to discover it...

Matériel : Livre avec CD Audio inclus
Langue : Anglais
Date de publication : 2011
CD/DVD inclus : Audio CD inclus
Code EAN : 9782752101105
Format d'édition : Format imprimé
Catégorie : Biographies - Entretiens

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