Mozart's Sonatas - The keys to play them - E-score PDF

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To devote himself to Mozart as a craftsman, a lover of the work of detail, of a humble and well-made gesture, of the knowledge of each curve and listening to "notes that love each other" (Mozart looks for them and finds them in his third year) This is the invitation of this book. The methodical progress of the detailed exercises here intends to propose a form of polishing of the gesture, as one polishes little by little, of a finer grain, a stone or a precious wood. It deserves to be read and understood as an access to the liberated gesture. If Mark were next to you when you start one of the exercises in this book, you would not feel that anything would be imposed on you; he would invite you there, knowing already where his practice and his comprehension can lead you, if you wish it.

Anne Le Bozec (Pianist and teacher at CNSM Paris)

Matériel : Partition - E-score PDF
Langue : Anglais
Date de publication : 2019
Style : Classique
Code EAN : 9790232148595
Difficulté : (3 à 6/8) Facile à difficile
Format d'édition : E-score PDF
Catégorie : Pédagogie instrumentale
Taille du fichier : 7,1 Mo
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