Brandenburg Concerto N° 3 BWV 1048 for 2 pianos

40 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm

Collection K collection

2 pianos



The Brandenbourgeois concertos are a set of six concertos composed by Johann Sebastien Bach (BWV 1046 to 1051), which are among most famous that he composed. The name of brandebourgeois was invented by the musicologist Philipp Spitta who, according to the Germanic use, refers to the dedicatee, the margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandebourg. The manuscript of Berlin has a dedication of the hand of Jean-Sebastien Bach to the margrave of Brandebourg. Epistle written in French who was the language in force at the court of Berlin.

K Collection

Material : Score
Date of publication : 2008
Style : Baroque
Code EAN : 9790232102283
Opus : BWV 1048
Level : (2/8) Easy
Output format : Printed format
Key : G major

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