About author : LABUSSIERE Annie


Born in Marseille in 1924, Annie Labussiere made its secondary studies to the High School Longchamps and her musical studies in the Conservatory of this city. She was the pupil of André Audoli (piano) and Marcel Prevost (organ). Very quickly oriented toward the Teaching, she got, with her choir of girls, the big Choral Song price (Paris, 1952).

Passionate by the song "a capella", she didn't stop composing for the voices of children. Named in Paris in 1957, she puts in the center of her teaching, the song to naked voice and the vocal improvisation.

Aggregated of musical education (1981), she pursues, in the same way to her professor's profession, a domestic tradition in the drawing and the painting and multiplies drawings and sketches to ends of illustration of tales for children.

Pupil, in Paris, of professors Demargne, Chastel, Julian (License of history of the art, in 1964), she moves in the same way, under the direction of professor Jacques Chailley, toward the musical Analysis, where is located the essential of her research currently.

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