About author : LEDERLE Agnès


LEDERLE Agnès attended the University Marc Bloch in Strasbourg to study musicology before going to Paris IV – Sorbonne where she was made a Doctor of Musicology with a thesis on “Music for the organ in North Germany between 1603 and 1740”. At the same time she studied the organ and singing lessons at the sessions organised by Union Sainte Cécile of the Diocese and the Centre polyphonique d’Alsace. She also qualified as a librarian at Nanterre University and has a degree in Pastoral Leader Training of the Department of Catholic Theology in Strasbourg. She taught music and was a librarian at the Johann-Sebastian-Bach Gymnasium in Mannheim (Germany) from 1996 to 2000.

Back in Alsace, she contributed to the International data bank of Choir singing Musica International. Since 2002, she has been a Pastoral Collaborator for liturgy, sacred music and sacred art in the Diocese of Strasbourg.

She is also in charge of musical publications for Union Sainte Cécile and is the editorial secretary of Caecilia, the journal of the Diocese for liturgy, sacred music and sacred art.

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