About author : LEGOUPIL Jean


Borne in Le Havre in 1945, Jean Legoupil begins his musical formation in his birthplace then enters the César Franck’s School (Paris) where he works with André Isoir. He continues his musical education in the Academy of Rouen in the classes of Louis Thiry and Jacqueline Feuillie. He obtains there the prizes of composition, chamber music and organ.

In 1979 he is appointed titular of the organ of Le Havre’s cathedral. President of the association « Connaissance de l’orgue » in Le Havre, he perfects his musical culture by a thorough command of organ manufacturing on this ground, he has been technical adviser for the organs attached to the town of Le Havre, the D.R.A.C (as part of the Technical Committee of the Organs of Haute-Normandie) and the diocese of Le Havre (of which he is at the present time a member of the diocesan committee of Sacred Art).

Until 2005 he has taught organ in the music and dance national schools in Le Havre and Notre Dame de Gravenchon-Lillebonne.

His activity of composer led him to create a catalogue composed of 54 numbers of opus (gathering some Works for organ, piano, solo instruments, orchestra, motets for choirs, Masses and Cantatas for chorus and organ or orchestra, as well as some pedagogic pieces) and to receive some official orders (State, Radio-France, towns of Valence, Bolbec, Le Havre.

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