About author : MATHER Bruce


Born in Toronto in 1939 Bruce MATHER began his musical studies there. He continued in Paris with Simone PLE-CAUSSADE (counterpoint), Darius MILHAUD (composition), Olivier MESSIAEN (analysis) and Lazare Levy (piano). On his return to Canada, he obtained his masters degree from Stanford University in 1964 and his doctorate from the University of Toronto in 1967.

From 1966 to 2001 he taught harmony, analysis and composition at McGill University where he founded in 1986 a student chamber orchestra for contemporary music. A remarkable pianist, he has given many first performances as a soloist or in piano duo with his wife Pierrette Le Page.

In 1979 and 1993 he received the Jules-Léger Prize for chamber music composition and in 2000 the Serge Garant Prize awarded by the Emile Nelligan Foundation for his work as a whole.

His production for orchestra or various ensembles is considerable. One is tempted to cite very savoury titles like “Bourgueil” (for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion) or “Sancerre” (for harp and harpsichord) which show his love of wine. In 1987 he was initiated into the “Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin” in Burgundy, an honour of which he is proud.

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