Olivier and Carole were both born in France In 1995, in Versailles and Strasbourg respectively. They carried out their studies in the music conservatoires of those towns, where Olivier majored in guitar and Carole in piano. They both studied musical analysis and harmony. They got married in 1979 and formed an unusual couple as they were both interested in musical composition. As guitar and piano teachers, they founded their own music school. Their vast teaching experience and constant wish to renew and create led them towards composing their own music, first of all for guitar and piano, then for all sorts of instruments and musical formations.

Their son, Fabrice, was born in 1991. After over twelve years of piano playing, he publishes here for the first time two of his own compositions, N°s 31 and 32. After having used composing and mixing programs for several years and making sound recordings for his parents, he now truly enters the world of musical creation in his own right.

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