About author : MERLIER Bertrand

MERLIER Bertrand

Bertrand Merlier was born in 1958.


Electroacoustic and instrumental music, Computer music, multiphonic music, Sonic environment and multimedia.

Computer Music Researcher and teacher at LYON 2 University / Music dept.

Research works on gesture interfaces for electroacoustic music, on interactive music and sound spatialisation...

Scientific formation (electronic engineer, doctor in acoustics and electronics, sound processing option), composition with M. Frémiot, then D. Dufour (composition gold medal at C.N.R. de Lyon in 1991).

Worked among many French computer music research centers : IRCAM, ACROE, DREAM, GRAME...

Co-author of CLCE (Common Lisp Compositional Environment).

Since 1986, he has been collaborating actively to the activities of THELEME CONTEMPORAIN.

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