About author : MONTALBETTI Mauro


with Antonio Giacometti. He attended the "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory in Milan, where he studied with Irlando Danieli, Paolo Rimoldi. His meeting with Gerard Grisey, Marco Stroppa, Franco Donatoni, Magnus Lindberg and Luca Francesconi have been crucial in developing his vocation and talent.

The composer's career was established after the finalist session of Valentino Bucchi prize 1988 with his first composition for violin and cello “Fahrt ins staublose”. Montalbetti's early recognition as one of the most promising young Italian composers, subsequently won others awards including finalist at the Gaudeamus Prize 1999 and the First prize at the 2006 Johan Fux Opera Composition Prize Graz, with the Opera “Lies and sorrow”.

Montalbetti has regularly been commissioned pieces by the Filarmonica della Scala, Biennale Musica Venice, Fondazione Teatro Grande Brescia, Sentieri Selvaggi ensemble, Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia, Cantiere di Montepulciano, Sasha Waltz and Guest, Orchestra Ico Lecce, Filarmonica Romana, I Virtuosi Italiani, Xenia ensemble, Netherland flute orchestra, Ex Novo ensemble, Festival Rec, International piano Festival Brescia-Bergamo, Teatro Due, Balletto Civile.

His piece “Blumenlicht prelude for orchestra” raccomanded works at the 2013 International Rostrum of Composers have been broadcast in several international Radio.

His catalogue includes pieces for orchestra, for ensemble and for voice or voice and ensemble and four Operas.

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