About author : MORALES Aude


Aude Morales carried out the majority of her studies to the CNR of Versailles where she obtained 4 first prices unanimously in the piano classes, chamber music, accompaniment and musical formation. She followed her writing studies at the Paris CNSM in the harmony classes (first unanimously), counterpoint (second price), and studied the orchestration, and the analysis.

Fascinated by the jazz, she obtained the arranger diploma at the ATLA School. Her compositions are varied: for the movie (many run measurements and the first Price of the international competition of mute film of Bordeaux), for the variety (a musical comedy eh bien…chantez maintenant) and many arrangements for the theater (house of the culture of Nevers, etc…).

She is currently piano professor at the music school of the Chesnay and at the conservatory Gaston Litaize (Montereau).

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