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BARDEZ Jean-Michel

Winner of multiple prizes while studying at the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse (in the classes of F. Lengelé, G. Hugon, B. de Crépy, R. Boutry, C. Ballif, O. Messiaen and M. Philippot) and holder of a PhD in Comparative Literature, after studying in a Grandes Ecoles preparatory class, and pianist, Jean Michel Bardez has been actively involved in professional music associations.

He was formerly vice-president and is currently president of the French Musical Analysis Society (since 1992).

He teaches “Writing-analysis-composition” at the Conservatoire H. Berlioz in Paris where he is also an Academic Advisor.

His training and multidisciplinary career path give him a profile that is atypical in the music/musicology sphere: from composition (pieces for orchestra, ensembles, voice, organ, piano and choir, etc., Ed. Schott-Frères, Agenda, H. Lemoine…) improvisation – piano (Ready Made) organ – drawing and painting, to “literary” composition. He is also involved in research (part of the organising team of around twenty international congresses and conferences) three books on the 18th century for Slatkine, Champion- and education (around fifty works, published by Rideau-Rouge, Chappell, A. Leduc, Ricordi, Amphion, Choudens, Warner, Musicom, Carish, H. Lemoine...). He founded a collection of scores originating from six different publishers (Carrousel) and an Internet collection (J. Davoust).

Author of articles, prefaces and broadcast programmes, he is also in charge of a number of book and scores collections (Pensée Musicale, Musique/Pédagogie…) and others in cooperation with A. Riotte (Main d’Œuvre) and, more recently, with Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Gianfranco Vinay, Damien Mahiet, Dominique Van Egroo and Moreno Andreatta (in partnership with Ircam) ed. Delatour-France. He has edited the works of the composer N. Obouhow (published by H. Lemoine) and other unpublished works by composers (Delatour’s Patrimoine Collection).

A member of the editorial committee of the review Analyse Musicale, then Musurgia and the web review musimediane, he is also currently developing a “cross-disciplinary” collection (visual and sound arts) with Jean-Marc Chouvel, for publisher Delatour-France: Musique/Transversales.

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