About author : VEYRIER Jacques


Born in 1928, Jacques VEYRIER began his musical studies under the tutelage of Robert LANOY at the Conservatory of LILLE. He continued his studies at the PARIS Conservatory, where he received degrees in conterpoint and fugue composition with Simone PLÉ-CAUSSADE, as well as in aesthetic with ROLAND-MANUEL. He continued his studies in composition with Darius MILHAUD.

Jacques VEYRIER went on to become director of the SAINT OMER Conservatory, then the BOULOGNE sur MER Conservatory, a post he held until 1994. During that time, he concentrated his compositional talents on the creation of pedagogical works.

Since 1994, Jacques VEYRIER has broadened the scope of his compositions to include many genres. His Symphonic literature includes “3 Songs for Orchestra” and Concertos for violin, viola, trumpet and Guitar. Among his chamber works is “Enluminures” for 2 flutes, bassoon and cello; the “Suite Thessalienne” for 4 flutes and arp, premiered by the Arcadie Quartet and Sylvie BELTRANDO; and “Anadiplose” for 2 flutes and 12 strings, premiered by Pierre-Alan and Arlette BIGET under the direction of J.M. COCHEREAU.

Jacques VEYRIER is also credited with sonatas for diverses instruments, including flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola. Several of J. VEYRIER song cycles were premiered by Philippe CANTOR and Sophie RIVES.

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