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VIDAL Pierre

Pierre VIDAL was born in 1927 at Clichy-sur-Seine, just out­side Paris, and studied with Marcel Dupré and Henri Challan. From 1956 to 1970 he was organist at the church of St-Jean-­Baptiste in the Belleville area of Paris, and from 1966 to 1991 he taught organ at the Strasbourg Conservatoire.

He has made many recordings, mostly of Bach, reflecting his ideas on the composer. He is also the author of several books: Bach et la machine orgue (Stil, 1974), critically acclaimed by Jacques Chailley (the associated recording won a Grand Prix du Disque); Bach : Les psaumes (Stil, 1977). Bach, la Bible dans l'oeuvre d'orgue (Studio SM, 1983), origine thématique de l’Art de la fugue, ses incidences (La Flûte de Pan, 1984).

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