About author : VILLENEUVE Christian


CHRISTIAN VILLENEUVE was born in the Vendée region in 1948. He began his musical studies at the National Regional Conservatory in Angers, within a teacher-training programme, and was taught by Henri Bert, André Isoir and Bertrand Ott, while preparing for a Certificate of Competence in Music Education. He entered the CNSM in Paris [the most prestigious Conservatory in France] in order to study in the classes of C. Ballif, G. Reibel, J.C. Henry, M. Bistch, P. Lantier, R. Striker and N. Dufourq.

As the holder of a Certificate of Competence in Musical Notation, he taught at the National Regional Conservatory in Nantes from 1976 until his death in 2001. Christian Villeneuve has left a varied collection of compositions, equally divided between instrumental music and vocal and choral works, including many vocal and instrumental pieces (such as hymns, psalm-tunes and canons) intended for liturgical or para-liturgical use.

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