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Louis-Noël Belaubre was born in Languedoc in 1932. By the end of classical studies and apprenticeship of piano and organ all carried on in the same period of time, he first settled on a career as a pianist. He was admitted in Lazare-Lévy’'s class at the Conservatoire de Paris and soon won prizes at international contests. He was also hired as a soloist at the O.R.T.F. and by german radios. However composition was his true vocation signs of which were already visible in his teens.

His early works were published when he was still very young. Tony Aubin who had noticed the young man takes him in his class. His independance of mind towards french aesthetic and academic traditions as well as his taste for classicism set him apart. He was then a winner of several international prizes in England, Monaco and Geneva.

He found himself cut off from the parisian coteries and the official milieus because of his reluctance and opposition to endorse the views and tendancies of the avant-guarde which was dominant. To keep up this spirit of independence he devoted himself to teaching. When a teacher, director of conservatories, he wrote a major treatise on teaching and art of piano and managed to handle both recording and composing.

Later in his life he devoted himself totally to his creation. He now advocates a conception of music as an “immanent expressivity” and aims at restoring in art what he calls “intractable communicability” in order to bridge the gap between composer and audience once imposed by “modern impostures”.


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