About author : BELANDOREY Julie


Julie Belandorey was born on April 27, 1978, in Besançon (France) but spent all her childhood and teenage years in the Paris region.

She has always loved going to the movies, making up and writing stories since very early on. Blessed with a roaming mind and a Cartesian rigor, she finally studied scientific fields and graduated from a French engineering school in 2001.

She has been working for the French railways company since then. Her first novel called L’Echo des Abysses was published in 2009.

The same year she attended a script writing course and wrote a play called Dérapage assuré, a loony comedy, that was on stage in Paris during Summer of 2010. Working also for a production company for a year, she has also had the opportunity of working with some music bands for the shooting of their first clips.

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