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BONNAL Joseph-Ermend

A cultivated artist, a first class performer, a composer imbued with the love of poetry, Joseph-Ermend Bonnal created an abundant body of work in which he tackled all genres, from children’s piano pieces to the symphony.

It is his music for the organ, however, which is most often played today, with such pieces as the Paysages uskariens (1930) and his Symphony “Media Vita” in C-sharp minor (1932).

His chamber music, less well known, is also worthy of esteem, inclu- ding two string quartets, a string trio (1934) which the Pasquier Trio perfomed widely on tour and which brought them a Grand Prix du Disque, a Menuet Triste for flute and string quintet, Trois Portraits de Musiciens for three violins, and several works for two instruments.

His richly expressive music prompted Vierne to say: “Here is a hi- ghly personal composer, a poet inspired by nature, a being with a deep and moving sensibility”.


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