About author : VINAY Gianfranco

VINAY Gianfranco

Initially professor of music history at the «Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Turin, after he moved to Paris in 1994, Gianfranco Vinay participated in the « formation doctorale Musique et Musicologie du XXème siècle » Ircam/CNRS Until 1998.

He is at present maître of conferences HDR - music department of Paris8-Saint Denis University. He has published several studies on XXth century music among which a book on americain et soviet music (Il Novecento dell’Europa Orientale e negli Stati Uniti, Turin, EDT, 1978, second édit.,1991), a monography on stravinskian neoclassicisme (Stravinsky Neoclassico. L’invenzione della memoria nel ‘900 musicale, Venice, Marsilio,1987) and, in 2001, Charles Ives et l’utopie sonore américaine (Michel de Maule, Paris).

He has lately dedicated several essays on the work and poetic of Salvatore Sciarrino among which Quaderno di Strada de Salvatore Sciarrino (Michel de Maule, Paris, 2007) and Immagini, Gesti, Parole, Silenzi. Drammaturgia delle opere vocali e teatrali di Salvatore Sciarrino (Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia/Ricordi, 2010).

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