About author : JOUGLA Rose-Marie

JOUGLA Rose-Marie

Born in 1949 and holder of prizes from the CRR Bordeaux, Versailles and the CNSM Paris (J.Doyen, J.Dumont, R.Boutry, S.Billier, Mme Lacome); she got the C.A. to teach the musical formation, and professor at the CRD Aix en Provence (conservatory).

She has been a harpsichordist in B.Thomas’s orchestra, and piano assistant of M. Chacun at Versailles conservatory (CRR); she has performed piano concerts four hands, duets, trios and conductor of Aix Circumtantia. Specialized for the CNSM.

Created the musical tale “Sushi” at the CRD Aix in Pce in 2008, and she’s now composing musical pieces of different styles and levels for experienced musicians.


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