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ALLA Thierry


Thierry ALLA was born in Algiers in 1955. He studied composition at the Bordeaux Conservatory, where he won a First Prize in the class of Michel Fusté-Lambezat in 1988 and a Firts Prize for electro-acoustcs in the class of Christian Eloy in 1993. In parallel, he studied musicology at the universities of Tours, Paris-Sorbonne and Rouen. In 2005 he presented a thesis on spectral music, under the direction of Pierre-Albert Castanet. Alla is one of the leading specialists in spectral music in France. As doctor of musicoly, he published Tristan Murail, la couleur sonore with Editions Michel de Maule. As music education teacher, Alla also teaches the history of music, analysis and computer music. As a composer, he has marked himself out through his work on tone-color and micro-intervals. He has received several state commissions and his works are regularly premiered in France and abroad (Japan, China, Australia, United States, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Ireland, Slovenia, Canada...).



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