About author : GERARD Michel



Michel Gerard was born on August 10th 1946 in Nancy (Meurthe et Moselle). He studied Music at the Nancy Conservatoire, then in Metz and Strasbourg, attending oboe, chamber music , harmony and writting classes as well as electro accoustic music at the Albi Center and Computer Assisted Music at the Metz-Forbach Contemporary Music Center.  His music studies at Strasbourg University, conducted by Marc Honegger, ended in 1984 with a Ph.D. thesis on oboe evolution from 1650 to 1830.  As a school teacher, he was in charge of music eductation at the National teachers school of Meurthe et Moselle. He then graduated from the agregation Examination and became a High School teacher of music education (in Contrexeville and Epinal), then tought at the National Stringed Instruments School in Mirecourt until 2006.  A long time concert oboe performer, in particular at the " Duc Chapel of Luneville", the local Versailles, a bossoonist and a saxophonist as well, M. Gerard wrote numerous articles, especially in "La Lettre du Hauboïste » (« The oboist Letter")(, the official newspaper from the « Association Française du Hautbois » (French Oboe Organisation).

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