About author : POUCHELON Jean



Born in Paris in 1978, Jean Pouchelon began the classical piano from his childhood then he turned to Jazz. In 2001, he wrote a dissertation of master in ethnomusicology for the university of Nanterre, which consisted on a comparative study between the Gnawa of Fes and Essaouira. In 2003, after he was given his "Diplôme d'Etudes Appliquées" (DEA) with high mention which treated of one of the technical processes of the Jazz pianist Erroll Garner, Jean Pouchelon taught music in secondary school during 7 years, time during which he followed the curse of musical style writing (with Jean-Michel Bardez - Music School Paris Xème) Playing the music of the Gnawa since 2003 in the parisian diaspora, Jean Pouchelon started in 2009 a Ph.D of Ethnomusicology on the Gnawa of Morocco, in particular on the Gnawa of Marrakesh. In Montreal, where he settled and wrote this work in partnership with the universities of Montreal and Nanterre, he has joined the Moroccan immigrants that play the music of the Gnawa. He defended his thesis in the university of Nanterre the 28th of January 2015 in front of a jury composed of his advisors Nathalie Fernando and Miriam Rovisng-Olsen, of the president Georgina Wierre-Gore, Jean Lambert, John Leavitt and François Picard. He earned the highest distinction. Nowadays, Jean Pouchelon is musician in Montreal.

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