About author : MATHEVET Frédéric



Frédéric Mathevet never wanted to chose between music and visual art.
His artistic work is essentially polymorphous and mutable. He is always in the interstices, the gap in the clothing. He is a tinkerer, working in multiple media; in his practice, drawing, photography, video, sound and musical scores meet, mix and cross contaminate. His language is an indocile one, resisting the teaching of signs and returning to the table the arbitrariness and inequality of signs that construct the real. He is in a perpetual struggle against semiotic subjection. His works, drawing equally on experimental music, graphic novels, installation and intervention, deal most often with power’s plastic forms or society’s untimely constructed narratologies. His nomadic studio espouses the quotidian, privileges sub-products and intimate creative processes: drafts, sketches, and cross-outs questioning individual and collective memory. It makes the body the ultimate site of a poaching of the sensed. His studio, l’Atelier d’un cordonnier [the shoemaker’s workshop], is an open, welcoming space where meaning is like the odor wafting from scraps of leather.

He is founder and co-editor in chief of the online journal l’Autre Musique [the Other Music], and the lab of the same name. He is the author of two manuals on the arts, the second of which is dedicated to the particular case of music. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Paris, Montreuil, Toulouse and London. He has also staged several multimedia performances, including “Faire la peau 2” for bodhrán frame drum (in Nice, Paris, and Noisiel), Rec-u-Aime for cello, mezzo-soprano and knitter (at La ferme du buisson), and “Mécaniques funambules” for baritone saxophone (at Petit Bain).

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