A l'ombre du Vésuve - 5 pieces for bassoon and piano - E-score PDF

20 (score) + 8 (1 part.) pages , 21 x 29,7 cm

Bassoon and piano

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In the shadow of Vesuvius is a collection of five pieces for bassoon and piano written on a theme evoking the last days before the volcano’s eruption in Pompeii. The first piece, Memento mori (for the end of grade 6) evokes the ephemeral character of life often found in antique frescoes. The second piece, Via dell’abbondanza (grade 7/8 level), is a perambulation in the main street of Pompeii, animated and carefree before the eruption. The third piece, Cave canem (grade 7/8 level), is a musical transcription of the warning found at the entrance of several Pompeian villas (“Beware of the dog”), written in the spirit of the Enigma Variation 11 by Elgar. The fourth piece, Villa dei misteri (grade 9/10 level), is a painting of the sulfurous Villa of the Mysteries, the activities of which are interrupted by the volcano’s eruption. The last piece, After the eruption (grade 7/8 level), is a musical bemoaning of the city immobilised by the ashes.


1. Memento mori (2’00)

2. Via dell’abbondanza (2’33)

3. Cave canem (1’50)

4. Via dei misteri (3’00)

5. Après l’éruption (2’30)

Duration : 00:11:32
Material : Score and separate parts - E-score PDF
Date of publication : 2015
Style : Modern
Code EAN : 9790232140698
Level : (3 to 4/8) Easy to medium
Output format : E-score PDF
File size : 1,5 Mo

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