We are the words - Olivier Greif, composer

152 pages , 18 x 26 cm

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Preface by Alexis Galpérine

Forword by Henri Dutilleux

 Introduction by Philippe Hersant

In April 2013, ABB Reportages published a 12-DVD collection in memory of the late French composer Olivier Greif (1950-2000), rewarded with a ‘Diapason d’Or’ by the French classical music magazine Diapason. We are the words – the first book printed about Olivier Greif’s life and work – aims to extend by means of a written work the twelfth DVD of this collection and sketches a portrait of the French composer through the words of his friends and performers.

Some of the greatest names of the French contemporary music – composers, performers, festival programmers or conductors – such as late Henri Dutilleux, Marc Minkowski, Jean-Claude Casadesus, Yves Petit de Voize, Emmanuelle Bertrand and Pascal Amoyel, contribute to this collective effort by bringing their personal testimony in the form of interviews. Stories, anecdotes, thoughts and memories, issued from about thirty different points of view, seek to bring to light – as so many spotlights on Greif’s life – the personality and the genius of an unfortunately undervalued musician that devoted his life, heart and soul, to the musical creation.

Anne Bramard-Blagny contributes, since 1974, to build an audiovisual heritage based on the research of the true values beyond the borders, generations or beyond any kind of categorization. Anne, who met Olivier Greif and its music during a stay in the Abbaye de La Prée and since then tried to take Greif’s music to official acknowledgment.



Authors who contributed to the book: Anne Bramard-Blagny, Marie-Claude Pascal, Laure Broulard, Étienne Yver, Alexis Galpérine, Paul Blagny, Thibaut Lily, Olivier Haquette


And : Pascal Amoyel, Patricia Aubertin, Henri Barda, Emmanuelle Bertrand, René Bosc, Brigitte François-Sappey, Jean-Jacques Greif, Andréa Hill, Patrick Langot, Benoît Menut, Stéphanie Moraly, Yves Petit de Voize, Gaëtane Prouvost, Marylis et François Raoul-Duval et Étienne Yver

DVD version of the interviews in the collection  "Les incontournables", Olivier Greif(Diapason d'Or), available at this adress : http://www.abbreportages.fr

Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2013
Code EAN : 9782752101648
Output format : Printed format
Category : Biography - Interviews

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