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Le Principe d'incertitude

Ecrits sur l'art

306 pages , 14,6 x 20,6 cm

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The edition of Bernard de Vienne's writings offers to the musician, the music lover, the instrumentalist student, as well as to a large public, access, within the same collection, to a set of texts of very diverse length and content. Their writing is itself inscribed in various contexts and has multiple aims: pedagogical, aesthetic, historical, technical. 

 These testimonies of a composer's preoccupations in the course of creation, so to speak, reveal under changing lights how the latter explores theoretically and affectively his contemporaneity: in full awareness of the weight of tradition, which is never reduced to a simple chronology of works and men, first of all, but from which he knows how to extract elements likely to nourish his inventiveness and his sense of form, salient moments, incandescent at times, associated, for example, with names such as Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach or Arnold Schönberg, to cite two milestones of a lineage that is dear to him.

Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2023
Code EAN : 9782752104625
Output format : Printed format

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