Salve Regina de Montserrat for women's choir a cappella

12 pages , 21 x 29,7 cm

Women's choir a cappella

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The Salve Regina for a female vocal ensemble of four voices a cappella was composed in the intensive remembrance of a stained glass which I have tried to recover the feeling of warmth and peace that emanated from it.

In the year of grace 880, at a place called Montserrat in Spain, at nightfall, the shepherds saw come down from the sky a bright light...

This is the sunlight that gives life to stained glass with its intensity variations from sunrise to sunset. The glass meanwhile was: Obsidian, natural volcanic glass, silica glass or fragment of rock fused and expelled out of the crater at the impact of a meteorite, finally fulgurite or "lightning stone" produced by a lightning strikes on a rock. It is therefore born of the stars. The four voices are an allegory of the four directions: east, west, north and south. The music evokes the shimmering colors of the stained glass and vibrates like an echo of the sparkling light.

Duration : 00:05:20
Material : Score
Language : Latin
Date of publication : 2013
Style : Contemporary
Code EAN : 9790232109268
Level : (5/8) Medium
Output format : Printed format

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