ILBARRITZ impressions romanesques - Pièces de concert pour grand-orgue de Jean-Christophe Aurnague

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Jean-Christophe Aurnague à l’orgue Tamburini (1979)

de l’Église St Charles de Monte-Carlo


Ilbarritz, a ghostly castle facing the sea... Which romantic composer would not be moved by this architectural and landscaped dream of Baron Albert de l'Espée and its concert hall designed to accommodate one of the greatest masterpieces of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll (after the organs of the Notre-Dame Cathedral and Church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris)? In addition to the six pieces on “Romantic Impressions of Ilbarritz”, this double CD contains various evocations and variations on Basque liturgy themes (“Kantu izpiritualak”), also created and performed by Jean-Christophe Aurnague on the organ of the St. Charles Church in Monte Carlo. Ilbarritz, the final contact of the Basque land with the sea... both the end and the beginning of the world.



Impressions romanesques d'Ilbarritz (J.Chr. Aurnague)

1- Lumière jaillie du granit (Aiako Harria) 5'12

2- Litanies de la mer 10'06

3- Rapsodie labourdine 9'58


Kantu izpiritualak (J.-Chr. Aurnague)

4- Méditation surle cantique basque "Zato, lzpiritua" 3'20

5- Toccata sur un cantique basque à N.D. de Roncevaux 6'48

6- Évocation surle cantique basque "Hor zaude, Jesus " l 1'07



Kantu 1zpiritualak - suite (J.Chr. Aurnague)

1- Choral, variations et toccata sur un chant basque de la messe des morts 21'06


Impressions romanesques d'Ilbarritz - suite (J.Chr. Aurnague)

2- Inexorables déferlantes des océans et des cieux 7'39

3- Légendes de Biarritz 9'16

4- Ilbarritz toccata 10'58

Material : 2 Audio CD
Language : French
Date of publication : 2015
CD/DVD included : Jean-Christophe Aurnague à l’orgue Tamburini (1979) de l’Église St Charles de Monte-Carlo
Style : Modern
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