Les Chants du silence



It has often been said and repeated, after Olivier Messiaen had reported it himself, that it was Cécile Sauvage, his mother, who had determined his vocation as artist and musician when she wrote L'Ame en bourgeon.

Not all had been said though and the recent findings of manuscripts which had long remained hidden reveal the intimate tragedy that brought about the melancholy and then the death of this woman who was ever so different from the hackneyed images we have kept of her.

The young child found himself quite powerless in front of his mother's tragedy and was reported to have exploited his outstanding musical gifts as an opportunity for him to create a relationship that would abstract him from the undisclosable and that would be as intense as words.

Music interwoven with silence was to be the remedy to their mutual retreat into mutism and distress.

Collection Pensée Musicale

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Language : French
Date of publication : 2008
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