Around the waltz for guitar


70 (score) + 36 (4 part.) pages, 21 x 29,7 cm

1 to 4 guitars



This collection of 19 pieces collected by Patrick Guillem, presents waltz under various aesthetic aspects. The composers involved in the realization of this set of pieces are varied and original, ranging from the waltz to contemporary classical waltz, through jazz and musette. Three-time multi-faceted rhythm and illuminated with different colors. 


AUTHORS : Jacques Castérède, Bernard Michel, Jean-Christophe Hoarau, Éric Gombart, Alain Vérité, Francis Kleynjans, Adrien Politi, François Sciortino, Claude Engel, Frédéric Sylvestre, Gérard Rebours, Marie-Ange Martin, Pascal Harrand, Jérôme Delvallet, Renato Velasco, Patrick Guillem.


Content of the score

1. Valse des ombres (for 2 guitars)

2. Trois temps pour deux cultures

3. Valse d’Aude (for 2 guitars)

4. Waltz for Chris

5. Est-ce ainsi que nos âmes dansent ?

6. La paresseuse (for 2 guitars)

7. Camélia

8. La Paguinita

9. Funambule

10. French Musette

11. Guirlande d’Irlande (for 2 guitars)

12. Recto verso (for 4 guitars)

13. Valse for friends (for 4 guitars)

14. Paris (Valse Musette)

15. Petit mensonge

16. La Valse des jardins

17. Valse latine

18. Prélude-Valse

19. Marie

Material : Score and parts
Date of publication : 2012
Code EAN : 9790232106137
Co-authors : Barbier, Delvallet, Gombart, Harrand, Kleyjnans, Michel, Rebours, Sylvestre, Vérité, Castérède, Engel, Guillem , Hoarau, Martin, Politi, Sciortino, Velasco
Level : (3 to 7/8) Easy to difficult
Output format : Printed format

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