La musique à l’épreuve de la parole - E-book PDF

Acteurs, pratiques, médias, circuit communicationnel

321 pages, 20 x 29 cm

Collection Pensée musicale

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The book La musique à l'épreuve de la parole presents a panorama of the author's research on the verbalization of music, and more particularly on the texts accompanying contemporary music and opera. The notes of presentation of works, the critical accounts, the comments of cultural mediators, the uses of discographic booklets of music lovers, in charge of communicating with the public and of informing the listening, are questioned by the recourse to the investigation in social sciences. Interviews with composers, which focus on their own conceptions of communication, extend the analysis. The author's approach, comprehensive and multidisciplinary, aims to identify music, in its plurality, from the activity of communication. The various works presented are based on the author's experience of the articulation between research, teaching and musical practice, which is conducive to a detailed description and understanding of the workings of certain socio-musical worlds. 

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Date of publication : 2022
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