Six French Christmas Carols for mixed choir SATB a cappella

40 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm

Mixed choir (SATB) a cappella

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Six well known or picturesque carols from the traditional repertoire are collected here. They are set in brand new arrangements and harmonisations favoring the renewal of each couplet rather than similar reiterations. The musical writing favours various vocal dispositions, from the accompanied solo to contrapuntal tangles, including more homophonic textures. Here the verse by Nicolas Denisot D’où vient qu’en cette nuitée is set to a new melody, written specially in a popular style.

4-part mixed choir, sometimes punctually divided into 5 or 6 voices.

A solo soprano (child or female voice).

The texts are sung as follows: 3 in French/English, 1 in French/Occitanian, 2 in French only.


- Il est né le divin enfant 03'00''

- Les anges dans nos campagnes 03'20''

- Ah ! Quand reviendra-t-il, le temps ? 02'10''

- Joseph est bien marié 02'00''

- Le petit Jésus est né 04'00''

- D'où vient qu'en cette nuitée 02'00''

Duration : 00:16:30
Material : Score
Date of publication : 2016
Style : Noels
Code EAN : 9790232114149
Level : (3/8) Easy
Output format : Printed format
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