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Book in french and english


Edited by Xavier Hascher, Mondher Ayari und Jean-Michel Bardez


In 1754 Rameau produced an analysis of the ‘monologue’ in Lully’s Armide as a defence against Rousseau’s attack on the piece. Since then, analytical interpretations of music have flourished at each stage of its development, both in relation to the changing means of representation and an ever-growing number of interrogations. These concern, for instance, epistemology; hermeneutics; historical conceptions; perception; cognition; culture-related modes of transmission; processes; functionality; modelling; the constitution of musical corpuses; mathematical formalisation; issues of gender; concepts of tonality, atonality or modality; timbre. In the meantime, an ongoing interest in older theorists has also been maintained. The twenty- three chapters that make up this volume, with their wide-ranging topics and the rich, international panel of their contributors testify to the complex evolution and diversity of music analysis, while attempting to draw light on the present situation of the theoretical-analytical field and illuminate some of the current issues that arise in it.


Texts by : Jean-Michel Bardez, Xavier Hascher, Jean-Marc Chouvel, Steven Jan, John Z. McKay, Nathalie Hérold, Mikhail Malt, Emmanuel Jourdan, Xavier J.-P. Charles, Marc Rigaudière, Ildar Khannanov, Jill T. Brasky, Richard Cohn, Mondher Ayari, Flavia Gervasi, Elvio Cipollone, Nicole Biamonte, Susan Wollenberg, Hugues Seress, James William Sobaskie, Henri Gonnard, Mart Humal, Antonios Antonopoulos, Jean-François Trubert, Richard Hermann, François-Gildas Tual.


Collection Pensée Musicale

Material : Book
Language : English
Date of publication : 2015
Code EAN : 9782752102430
Output format : Printed format
Category : Musicology - Analysis

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