Karol Szymanowski à la rencontre des arts



Music, literature and visual arts around stage works: the opera King Roger and the ballet Harnasie

Foreword by Jim Samson - Preamble by Jean-Michel Bardez


Everyone who met Karol Szymanowski was seduced by its charm and elegance. Refinement, sensuality, great culture, openness, hedonism, are the key words to describe it. Extra-musical inspiration is a powerful driver of his work. The result is a particularly colorful art, full of scholarly references to distant countries and times. In order to claim to circumscribe this fascinating character and to offer original insights into his creation, this book successively tackles the different aspects of his encounters with other arts. Starting from his aristocratic education (his travels, his musical experiences, readings), his sources of inspiration (which combines the ancient and the East, the Italian Renaissance and décadentismes of the "Young Poland"), his writings (including Ephebos novel ever translated into French, lost, whose content has been reconstructed from fragments preserved and descriptions), it is to get two masterpieces: the opera the King Roger and the ballet Harnasie, results of his research of a total art, inspired by Wagner and at the same time quite original.



Collection Pensée Musicale

Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2019
Code EAN : 9782752103789
Output format : Printed format
Category : Musicology - Analysis

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