Monstres en musique et autres monstruosités musicales


The present work aims to explore the different modalities of expression of the monstrous in the musical domain, from the 18th to the 21st century. It thus proposes to evaluate its evolution and polymorphism, according to the ideologies that underlie it, the representations that found it, and the genres with which it is associated. 

Therefore, if opera necessarily has an important place in the corpus of the analyzed works, and to a lesser extent the cinema, the monstrous being embodied in the figure - oh so labile - of the monster, the song and the instrumental music will also be summoned.

Moreover, beyond these generic distinctions, the monstrous is set up as an aesthetic, and thus rests on stylistic singularities that the thirteen articles presented here highlight. The combination of musical analysis, dramaturgy, history of musical practices and aesthetics allows us to take into account the multiple musical avatars of the monster and the monstrous.

Under the supervision of Julien Garde.

Introduction by Julien Garde and Inès Taillandier-Guittard.

Texts by Catherine Girodet, Inès Taillandier-Guittard, André Lischke, Grégoire Tosser, Chloé Huvet, Julien Garde, Nathanaël Eskenazy, Maxime Margollé, Aurore Flamion, Pietro Milli, Raffaele d'Eredità, Isabelle Starkier and Alban Ramaut.


Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2022
Code EAN : 9782752104564
Output format : Printed format

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