No more men! English version

312 pages , 14,8 x 21 cm


« Thou shalt never fall in love again!»

If she had to choose but one Commandment, that is the one Isabelle, a dynamic and cheerful thirty-year old Parisian, would choose to obey. Clearly, it was the wisest Commandment of them all. What a pity Moses forgot it on Mount Sinai and Isabelle didn't think of it in time to save herself from heartbreak. Again.

Had she remembered it, she would never have fallen for that fickle man, a sorry excuse for a fiancé, unable to bear her "stifling" love any longer and who decided to dump her.

Well fine! She knows better now and will be sticking to the commandment. And if her emotional survival depends on a choice between fight or flight, flight it is then! Off to NY City, to visit her big brother Vince in the big apple with its mind blowing tumultuous life, athletic joggers in Central Park and smartly dressed businessmen. No chance of falling into temptation there! Right…?

Hopefully, Vince will have gotten her message in time and be there to pick her up at the airport. But, wait! Oh mon Dieu! Who is that Adonis standing there holding a sign with her name on it? Vince's neighbor? Great. Just what she needed! That said, there is no Commandment that says thou shalt not covet a friendly neighbor…is there?


Translated from the French by Joëlle Etienne

Material : Book
Language : English
Date of publication : 2014
Code EAN : 9782752102140
Output format : Printed format
Category : Novels
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