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I wrote these pieces out of a desire to contribute to the Church's liturgy, in the spirit of the best artistic endeavours of the time in which I live. So much of the recently composed organ music one hears in church these days is anodyne and, sometimes, downright tawdry.

I claim no merit for my work but I make no apology, either, for asserting the need for music which reflects, in its aesthetic and in its technique, the era of its composition. While such music will challenge, and will certainly evoke negative as well as positive responses from its audience, it is surely better to have music which communicates clearly than to subject a congregation to mere wallpaper, evoking no response at all.

If the organist communicates that s/he has nothing to communicate, then s/he has lost an opportunity to underline the immensity of the matters proclaimed in the liturgy. It is time we took a new and serious look at what we do.


Content of volume 2

1. Pour SaintBarthélémy   4'41''

2. Pour Saint Matthieu   4'13''

3. Pour Saint Simon   5'21''

4. Pour Saint Jude   5'08''

5. Pour Saint André   4'52''

6. Pour Saint Jean   4'25''

7. Magnificat du Premier Ton   15'52''

(avec l’antienne / with the antiphon Tradent Enim Vos)


TOTAL 44’ 34’’


Collection Organ Prestige

Duration : 00:45:19
Material : Score
Date of publication : 2013
Style : Contemporary
Code EAN : 9790232115016
Level : (6/8) Difficult
Output format : E-score PDF
Volume : Volume 2
File size : 3,1 Mo
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