Concerto in D major for Organ



The following transcription was made from two versions of the same concerto by J.S. Bach. A first version, the BWV 1042 in E Major, was written for solo violin and orchestra. It appeared later as BWV 1054, a step lower and scored for keyboard and strings. We have chosen the key of D Major for our transcription because of its ease on older keyboards and because it is better suited to the range of the baroque organ. This allows us to limit the upper reach to high D, both for the manuals and the pedals. In addition, using the key of E Major would have required the use of additional accidentals, including double-sharps, which would have sounded less good in the tuning of the day. The number of accidentals is thus reduced and Bach's harmonies sound without difficulty on most instruments constructed in the baroque style.


Collection Organ Prestige

Duration : 00:17:00
Material : Score
Date of publication : 2009
Style : Baroque
Code EAN : 9790232102702
Opus : BWV 1054 & 1042
Level : (5/8) Medium
Output format : Printed format
Key : D major

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