The organ works - Vol.1


These two volumes of music contain reconstructions of improvisations in classical and contemporary styles. Like all improvisations, they came into being spontaneously, while I was travelling in search of those exciting and emblematic organs, whose beauty was my source of inspiration. Improvisation is ephemeral and dies away with the final chord. The advent of recording changed everything and some people asked for these pieces to be reconstructed in print. The commitment and the skill and the infallible ear of Christophe Robert were necessary to achieving this goal. I have made one or two modifications myself, here and there.

Francis Chapelet


Content of volume 1


1. Tiento de medio registro de triple  (2'50'')

2. "Jeux harmoniques"   (4'30'')

3. Grand jeu (Dijon)   (6'20'')

4. Improvisation apaisante (Sainte-Croix-de-Bordeaux)   (6'10'')

5. Da nos la paz (Sao Vicente de Lisbonne)   (2'30'')

6. Fantaisie de trompettes   (7')

7. Toccata per l'elevazione   (2'20'')

8. Récit de cornet et fugue grave   (3'50'')

9. Litanie sur Ora pro nobis d'après Monteverdi (3')

10. Petit concerto de Malaga (6'30'')

11. Fugue lente sur les jeux d'anches (1'30'')

12. Fantaisie en sol majeur (6'50'')

Collection Organ Prestige

Material : Score
Date of publication : 2013
Style : Classical
Code EAN : 9790232109015
Co-authors : Reconstitution by Francis Chapelet und Christophe Robert
Level : (3 to 5/8) Easy to medium
Output format : Printed format
Volume : Volume 1

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