Improvisation and accompaniment book - Exercises for organists


The liturgical organist must know how to accompany but also improvise, if only to let the assembly breathe between two verses. Improvisation is necessary at the time of entry, the duration of which is variable, it is useful for commenting on a text or after the homily.


During my stay at the National Conservatory of Bordeaux, I was able to realize that most of my students, all remarkable organists, became little boys again when it came to accompanying and improvising. I decided to open an additional course to introduce my dear students to what I consider essential for an organist: knowing how to accompany with the right harmonies and being able to improvise small sequences from elements of accompanied singing or from ideas taken directly from their musical instinct.


This book is the sum of our small work sessions and I know from experience that all the "tips" and exercises that are noted here were welcome to help my young organist to see more clearly.

Francis Chapelet

Collection Organ Prestige

Material : Score
Date of publication : 2020
Code EAN : 9790232116648
Output format : Printed format

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