Minimalist-Concerto for piano, organ and orchestra - (FULL SCORE)

122 pages, 29,7 x 42 cm

Piano, Organ and Orchestra

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This work is a commission of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.
 She was inspired by the minimalist currents. But it's my own vision
minimalism in this work: A repetition often varied and constantly evolving, avoiding redundancies, while keeping the bewitching side of the sound loops.
Various atmospheres run through the work: dance as contemplation as jubilation.


I Jubilation 19’30

II Lullaby 11’40

III Final dance 13’48



1 Piccolo

2 Flutes

2 Oboes

1 Cor Anglais

1 Clarinet in Eb

2 Clarinets in Bb

2 Bassoons

1 Double Bassoon

4 Horns in F

4 Trumpets in C

2 Tenor Trombones

1 Bass Trombone

1 Bass Tuba

4 Timpani

Percussion I: Tubular bells (with amplification) 1 Suspended Cymbal (medium) 1 crotale : F# 5 real sound Congas

Percussion II: Vibraphone 1 Suspended Cymbal (medium) pair of cymbales

Percussion III: Xylophone Marimba (eventually) 2 Toms, (High and Low)


Piano solo

Organ solo

Violins I, Violins II, Violas, Violoncellos, Double Basses (half of which, with 5 strings)

Duration : 00:45:00
Material : Full score
Date of publication : 2020
Style : Contemporary
Code EAN : 9790232116464
Level : (6/8) Difficult
Output format : Printed format

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