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Paper music for piano - E-score PDF

followed by the conference: Composing after John Cage?

24 pages , 21 x 29,7 cm


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I wrote this short work for a musical happening called Cage's Project organized by the composer Paolo Rosato. 

I remember the approach of the composer John Cage, who contributed to create a new way of listening to music by integrating noise, randomness and chance in the very heart of his compositions, not making them fixed once and for all.

In this "Fluxus" spirit, Paper Music's first idea is to question what today would correspond to such a radical approach. As much as Cage's, and some of his contemporaries' in the sixties, was to "let the sounds be what they are" without any rules (the mainstream of the time), today it can't be the case anymore, at least stated in this way. 

In my opinion, what characterizes our time is the levelling of all scales of value: everyone can declare himself a composer (thanks to the MAO) and the concern to write a work destined to enter "the repertoire" has been erased in favor of the ephemeral where nothing is made to last.

By considering any sound as being musical, Cage produces works where heterogeneity and disparity are the "rule", which may seem paradoxical for someone whose goal was to abolish... rules! This translates in my writing by a constant change of mode of play, registers, articulations, timbres, speeds, intensities... 

I transposed musically and extended the problems opened by Cage, by writing a true work for piano but constantly disturbed by the vibrations of sheets of paper placed on the piano strings. By creating a more or less important interference with the music, this prevents any possibility of a true reflective and sensitive listening, like our current way of life where human actions (papers = culture = writing = technique = enslavement) suffocate and destroy our environment (purity of sounds = nature = silence = resonance = orality = spontaneity = freedom).

Moreover, the proportional notation of the writing reinforces the part of indeterminism because, in addition to the disturbances induced by the papers put on the strings, it leaves to the interpreter a certain freedom of execution making each execution a little different.

The very disturbing sound result is intended to make us aware of preserving our most precious asset: nature and its fragility, the environment in which we evolve and which itself inhabits us, at the risk of losing ourselves.

Duration : 00:04:30
Material : Score - E-score PDF
Language : French
Date of publication : 2023
Style : Contemporary
Code EAN : 9790232150284
Level : (7/8) Difficult
Output format : E-score PDF
File size : 3,50 Mo
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