Le petit nègre / The little Negro for piano

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The date “Le Petit Nègre” was composed is not known with certainty. It was published for the first time in 1909 in Théodore Lack's piano method. Alphonse Leduc issued a separate edition of the piece in 1934, after the composer's death.

Debussy used here for the first time the jazzy rhythms of the Cake Walk to express the sharp, irregular movements of the dance. The Cake Walk was a popular dance developed by African- Americans in Virginia. The dance first appeared around 1870 and arrived in Europe around 1900 by way of the French Music Hall and also silent films.

The work resembles a first draft of Golliwogg's Cake-Walk, from Debussy's Children's Corner Suite, which was composed around the same time. The swaying rhythm, the descending chromatic thirds, and the variety of harmonic details are all signatures of Debussy's pianistic language.

Le Petit Nègre was used as the theme of the English soldier in Debussy's 1913 ballet La Boite à joujoux.

K Collection

Material : Score
Date of publication : 2008
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