Bel Air - 13 Bèlè original pieces transcribed for piano

120 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm


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Hervé Celcal, pianist from Martinique that studied classic music, self taught jazz musician,  started a project around « bèlè », the traditional musik from Martinique, usually performed singing with drums, which he intended to recreate on piano. Bel Air for Piano, his first solo-album, is the result of this research. The follow-up, Bel Air for Piano, The book is a compilation of scores, 13 original tracks taken from the album. It has a methodic part, which gives examples of bèlè patterns for piano, as of other rythms derived from it. These patterns allow pianists to accompany bèlè tunes on piano. Further, the reader will find the transcription of these 13 compositions in classical notes, each one corresponding to a bèlè tune, jazz versions (chords and themes) are added for all instruments. A description of every tune allows to understand the aesthetic it evokes (type of bèlè, moment and theme to which it is attached, the composers intention). Finally, a glossary of french-creole words used, concludes the work.


"Lots of traditional music is transmitted because notes exist. Thanks to this work which is a first-timer for bèlè, marked by oral tradition, any musician can initiate himself to this unknown west-indies tradition, play it and enrich his playing with it's beautifull characteristics".

Hervé Celcal

Editions : TINGBANG – Distribution : DELATOUR FRANCE

Material : Score
Date of publication : 2015
Style : Bèlè
Code EAN : 9790232160009
Level : (2/8) Easy
Output format : Printed format

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