Valse in A minor Posthumous for piano

8 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm


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“At the end of his life, Chopin begged his relatives to burn the fifty or so pieces and melodies which he refused to publish during his life «out of respect for his audience»”. Three years after his death, little by little, these small pieces started to appear because one considered –appropriately and to a certain extend– that the composer was too harsh with these compositions; they are without any doubt, albeit more weakly, sealed by his genius.

Within this ensemble, a Waltz and a Nocturne are highlighted, both published in the 20th century, from a single double-sided sheet, certified by the Master’s hand. Several musicologists are seriously questioning their authenticity; one can understand: formal destitution, a clumsy and common left hand, an unusual harmonic flatness, a few ungracious arabesques, a number of defective modulations. Nevertheless, this ensemble belongs to Chopin’s poetic universe. Should they indeed be his, they could only be from his first youth, improvised and written in haste, without turning back.

I wanted to imagine what, in this case, our musician could have done if, at the time of the composition of the Mazurkas opus 59, the idea had occurred to him to review these pieces, especially the Waltz in A minor. Chopin is inimitable, nobody doubts this. But, if one has to play this work, it is only in the present form that today, I consent to interpret it. I feel that I am faithfully honouring his memory by definitively abandoning, following his last wish, the primitive version of this Waltz, despite its broad diffusion.

Duration : 00:02:20
Material : Score
Date of publication : 2016
Style : Romantic
Code EAN : 9790232113371
Co-authors : CHOPIN Frédéric, EL BACHA Abdel Rahman
Level : (3/8) Easy
Output format : Printed format

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